English Teacher Gone Wild

[ News Commentary by Ankitha Bharadwaj ]

This past Tuesday (March 11, 2008) one Bay Area teacher took his duty of watching over children a little too literally. David Lista, an English teacher at Mills High school in Millbrae installed discrete cameras in the girls’ bathroom and recorded hours of pornographic footage. Creepy much?

And to make matters worse, let’s throw in some drugs! How about methamphetamine? This guy is seriously twisted. But he was actually pretty well liked at Mills High School. He helped freshmen navigate through confusing hallways, and acted as a guidance counselor to lost students. So saying that the entire school was shocked by Lista’s behavior would be a drastic understatement.

If I were to execute my voyeuristic tendencies (which I wouldn’t, so don’t judge me!), the first thing I would do is buy a decent laptop to hold my footage. I’m guessing Lista missed the pervert convention this year since he dumped all this tapes onto the school computer, and subsequently overloaded the server. The San Mateo High School District had to send out its tech coordinator to unclog the server; the tech guy soon uncovered Lista’s loathsome loot and outed him.

Lista was previously arrested for drug possession and is in limbo right now regarding these child pornography possession charges. Seems like someone’s having a pretty crappy year! Right now the authorities are trying to categorize the severity of the offense — whether it’s just a misdemeanor or if it’s a felony. If Lista has been keeping the footage for his own personal use (ew…), it would be just a misdemeanor; but if he has copied and distributed the videos, the charge is bumped up to a felony. Either way, Lista has a pretty decent collection of kiddie porn, most of it in excellent, high definition quality.

Now, Lista has made bail (10,000 bucks) and is on paid administrative leave. Paid?! In Alameda, schools are scrambling to keep basic sports afloat while Mills High School is paying a pervert money to stay home and peruse through his videos? Something stinks…and it ain’t the high school bathrooms.

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2 Responses

  1. for your information, a majority of the students never liked him. i personally had him as an english teacher and by no means did i ever like that bastard. i haven’t received any of my papers back nor my mini-projects. having him as a teacher was a complete waste of time

  2. Actually everyone hates lista at our school. He is one crappy teacher. I had him last year and well he was the worst teacher ever. everyone at our school hated him before this whole thing so get your story right! oh and another thing he isn’t on paid leave…so stop lying!

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