An American In Jerusalem

Last week’s shooting attack on a yeshiva (a Jewish seminary school) in Jerusalem left us wondering what life must be like in Israel these days. It had been a few years since that kind of violence occurred in Jerusalem itself.

Editor Ben Simrin, who has studied in Jerusalem himself, spoke over the phone via Skype to one of his friends in Israel, Sam Shonkoff. Sam, an SF Bay Area native, is studying at a Hebrew university just a few miles from where the shooting spree occurred. Ben spoke to Sam about what its like to be an American student abroad in Israel at this time. We’ve broken the phone call down into three audio files, listen in on their conversation:

Calls, Sirens: In the first part of the discussion Sam shares where he was and what he and his friends heard when the shooting went down. [Real Media-4:20]

A Day In The Life: Ben asks Sam about what kind of security measures he sees during his regular routine. [Real Media-2:30]

Guns Everywhere/See for Yourself: Ben and Sam talk about the militaristic side of life in Israel, with M-16s in the hands of 18 year olds. Sam shares his thoughts on the complexity of the conflict. [Real Media-2:40]


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