Emo :)

[Opinion by David Leipper]

If you look back just a couple of years, seeing emo people was much less common, and those who were emo, were most likely emo because they were truly dark and emotional. Now look at today, its hard to go anywhere without seeing one of these people, and most of them do it because it’s a fashion style and popular, not because they like the whole “emo scene.” What creates emo? When some celebrity isn’t getting a DUI or shaving their head, there has to be something outrageous to get people to center on, so, the emo celebrities will appear in what most grandmothers would think is a Halloween costume. These “costumes” have geometrical angled hair styles, and eye liner that looks like they were a victim of a bad prank.


Emo for many people has turned into an excuse for people to be anti-social, instead of saying “don’t talk to me.” What these people need to realize is that if they just want to sit in their bathroom crying and draw black hearts on their jeans, there isn’t anyone that need to dress up to impress, when you are alone, there’s no one but you looking at your clothing but you. It turns out some of the emo people I have talked to have been very outgoing people, and probably don’t enjoy being depressed, but they still dress emo because all their friends do.

Its hard to say what’s going to happen to emo, could it fade like pokemon cards? Thinking about it, its just as much as a fad now as pokemon was. I hope it does die because I’m getting tired of all these wanna be skeletons walking around.


One Response

  1. Emo hasn’t faded away yet and probably will never do. There are some posers out there like in any scene. But there are pretty “normal” emos. Just outgoing nice people. Emo doesn’t deserve that bad reputation only because of some wannabes.

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