Youth Media Round-Up

What if the Millenials Lose?

[ Russell Morse, YO!]

I got a text message from a friend the morning after Tuesday’s primaries. The newly politicized young, Latino Obama supporter asked me, “Should I be concerned?”

To be honest, I didn’t know what to say to him. I have been swept up in the romance of the Obama campaign since Iowa, not because I specifically support him, but because I’ve never in my life seen my generation take an active and enthusiastic role in the political process, discard cynicism and embrace a person and an idea like this. As a result, I suppose that romance tainted my perception of the Hillary campaign, equating in my mind with stagnation and old, tired and dirty politics. Maybe that’s fair, maybe it’s not.

YO!s political commentator Russell Morse was in Rhode Island on Super Tuesday Jr. He shares his observations of the election in this oft overlooked state, and his chief concern: that cynicism will rear its head amongst Millenials on the heels of an Obama loss

Mar. 4 Primaries: A Young Voter Smackdown

[ Ally Klimkoski, Wiretap]

Ally Klimkoski breaks down the numbers in the Youth Vote this past Tuesday.

TechHead Bonus Article:

South By Southwest Interactive aka SXSWi started in Austin, Texas today. SXSWi being the online/interactive portion of thetripple threat festival that includes music and film.

Daniel Terdiman is there for CNET:

Whether it’s because of Twitter’s SXSWi emergence or all things cybergroovy becoming part of pop culture, one thing is certain: SXSWi has gone mainstream. Does that mean it’s also lost its edge?

On the one hand, the article reads like the usual “cool kids/nerds resent others crashing their party”… but there’s something about the mainstreaming of these conferences and conventions that manage to pull their teeth. When the marketing forces stepped into the Game Developer’s Conference this year, the power of the GDC was diluted to some there. Which isn’t what you want in a conference for the people who make games better… or in the case of SXSWi make the internet more awesome.

And can somebody tell me why the year is front loaded with tech conferences and pop culture conventions?


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