Alameda High School Walkout

Caitlin Grey has a first person piece over at Youth on yesturday’s protest walkouts at Alameda and Encinal High Schools in Alameda, CA:

No soccer team next year. Or AP classes. Or spring musical. Yesterday morning when I got to school, I found out that every sport at my high school had been cut except football, baseball, softball, and basketball. The night before, there had been a rally at Chipman Middle School where a Board Meeting was being held, and by the end of the night (it didn’t end until 1:30 in the morning) they had made the final decision on budget cuts. Obviously this stepped on a few toes—or a few hundred. By break time at Alameda High, around 11 a.m., hundreds of Encinal High students came streaming down the street and through our school.

Read the full post here. 


4 Responses

  1. I remember when I was a senior (2007) I noticed that the younger kids were the ones standing up for everyone. When the student union formed at Encinal that year I was one of the only seniors there.

    I’m very proud of all of you. it made me optimistic. Even if things get cut, it might be bad for a few years, but the children of today will be the voters of tomorrow, and we won’t shortchange our kids like we got shortchanged by the tax revolts.

  2. Good for you students! Over here in Contra Costa, we’re facing the same cuts and we are just now starting to see a few young faces at our district budget meetings. You kids have a strong voice and I only hope that my generation (I have a son in high school) listens to you. Why we are treating our kids this way is beyond me. You deserve much more from us.

  3. hello caitlin. we miss you vrry much

  4. i have read another piece of yours about your reactions to poverty in mumbai and these reports .they tell me that your parents have a daughter they have every reason to feel proud of. you all have been doing a great job. love a. grey

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