Media Roundup– Tomorrow Is Today Edition

In Five Years… Its All About Mobile

Anastasia Goodstein at ypulse has this breakdown from some talks at the “Youth Marketing Mega Event“that went down in Newport Beach, CA this week. Its this summary of a talk by social media researcher danah boyd:

What I love about danah is that she is a straight shooter. She basically told this room full of marketers desperate to get on teens’ friends lists, that those teens think that’s creepy and invasive. Why? Because it’s THEIR Space — even if it’s public (which most teen profiles aren’t anymore). She had a great analogy of teens telling their parents, “It’s MY ROOM.” And the parents telling teens “It’s MY HOUSE.”

NIN makes at least 750K in two days via online sales
As reported earlier in the week, we are probably watching the future of the music market evolve in real time this year. After the success of Radiohead’s “in rainbows”, Nine Inch Nails “Ghosts I-IV–an instrumental album, no less– shows just how strong the artist direct model is by selling out 3/4 of a million dollars worth of $300 “deluxe” editions in 48 hours.

Sales data on the standard editions isn’t available yet, and the big question headed into the future is will this model lead to less established acts being able to bypass the big labels altogether.


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