A Hollywood Story

[via current.com]

Its the kind of story that could only happen in our digital age. An independent video producer who post under the YouTube handle The Latest Controversy hits up the Hollywood Democratic Debate looking for the classic “gotcha” interview. One where you walk up to a candidate’s political supporter and ask them detailed questions about their canidate’s positions.

9 times out of 10* the supporter comes up short- even when they’re politicians themselves and they knew they were going to be on TV. So what could be better than finding a random young Obama supporter and tripping him up with a series of rapid-fire questions that put his knowledge of the canidate- and thus the canidate by proxy- on the line?

Well… how about that random young Obama supporter turning out to be incredibly informed and articulate?

I mean this guy answers the questions better than the Senator does . Really who is this guy? For weeks now this video has been making the rounds amongst political junkies, and is being touted as a counter-example to the conventional wisdom that young people don’t know anything about politics.

Sara Benincasa at Think MTV has a breakdown on the identity of Derrick Ashong, who at 32 is pushing the definition of “young”… but hey 32 is the new 23, and our editor lives by that adage!

Consider this a public service announcement to all our politically active readers: this is the Gold Standard of preparedness you should live by. You never know when you’re going to get called out on the carpet in this day and age, and when you do, we hope you do half as good as Derrick.

* Not a scientific assessment.


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