The Other Elections

I say elections, you think Texas and Ohio primary. Well for about 141 million people if you say выборы (elections) they think Медведев (Medvedev)

The heavily favored candidate for Russia’s Sunday election is considered a Putin clone by western critics, like Clinton and Obama. This is a pessimistic view for the Russia’s future and according to to the general statements that Obama makes in multiple speeches “we need change in America.” So, does that change leave out US/Russian relations? Well, Medvedev has said in speeches that he wants lower Russian taxes as well as make the Russian tax code more simple, so it must mean that Medvedev isn’t just a Putin clone.

Our presidential candidates should gain faith in Medvedev, as Russia’s president he will have to work together with our next president to build a better Russian/USA relationship. It’s going to be interesting seeing if the United States is able to make a good friend, or make a good enemy.

Read this article for full details.


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