Youth Blog Roundup

From around the youth-blog-o-sphere, its the YR Flows Youth Blog Roundup!

Think MTV:

Power for the Powerless: California’s New Immigrant Voice

Yosimar Reyes is a San Jose poet- and immigrant- who helps High School students explore the complex web of identity issues that surround the labels “immigrant” “legal” and “illegal.”
[Video 3:45]

Youth Outlook:

Eming Piansay: Ain’t Nothing But a G(ender) Thang

It may still be a debate about gender but – sheesh – I am so over this. I would elect a bionic robot with glued on genitals if I knew he/she could run a country. I would even vote for Will Smith with his impressive record of saving the world.


[Editor’s Note: okay, not a youth blog, but you need to hear this.]
Non-College Kids Outsiders to Rising ‘Youth Vote’

John Peterson is a 26-year-old skateboard seller who is volunteering his time at an Obama campaign call center. He finds convincing some of his own friends to be a challenge.

“A lot of them aren’t very politically active, and I’m trying to get them down to vote,” he says. Many young people who aren’t enrolled in college are busy starting careers, he says; they “don’t have the time to get out and vote, and they don’t want to make the time.”

NPR’s Audie Cornish digs into the issue of the disenfranchisement non-college youth are feeling this election season. [Audio- 4:30]


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