Youth Blog Roundup

From around the youth-blog-o-sphere, its our first YR Flows Youth Blog Roundup:

Glamocracy :

Megan Carpentier on the Green Party V.P. choice:

Nader, in fact, announced that his running mate would be Matt Gonzalez, to the wonderment and amusement of 99% of political reporters and the country who have no idea who that is. Luckily, this political watcher has a long me

Glamour Magazine’s politics blog gets into presidential canidate/near political pariah Ralph Nader’s choice for running mate: former President of the SF Board of Supervisors Matt Gonzalez. [Flows editor Noah Nelson has met Gonzalez twice, and has to say he’s pleased with the choice, even if he has reservations about Nader’s involvement with the race.]

Youth Outlook:

Political commentator Russell Morse takes on Hilary Clinton’s waning fortunes in his latest rant:

It almost feels like any day now, Chelsea is going to come out and give her endorsement of Obama.

Morse moves on to the price of gas and malt liquor, American Idol’s falling ratings, and the latest dance craze from the Philippine’s prison system. All that in eight little paragraphs.

Aaron Tang @ activism blog Wiretap:

California Students Tell the Truth

A high school psychology teacher hands out textbooks… and then asks her students to color gingerbread men for a grade. When some of the students ask the teacher to teach them more information, the teacher responds by challenging her students to transfer out of her psychology class if they don’t think they’re learning anything.

Tang writes about California Right to Learn, a program where California students share their stories about the education system, and try to discover just what can be done to save it.


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