Lil Kim and Remy Ma are the new Biggie and Tupac

Commentary by Tone Kapone

Everybody thought that Lil’ Kim and Remy Ma where cool since seen on MTV’s hip hop honors awards preforming together; unfortunately everyone thought wrong. Their beef exploded over time through YouTube accounts; at first what seemed catty disagreement has gradually became an all out lyrical battle and media war.

The reason why is of course is a he-say-she-say situation over the radio waves that seems to be instigated by the infamous DJ Whoo Kid (a radio personality in New York). Both had very interesting things to say about each other on mutual interviews.

Lil’ Kim: “Every thing she do got to much testosterone in it. She look like a transvestite. Remy MAN grew up on me.”

Remy Ma: “She don’t like her nose, her breast or her face she look like Micheal Jackson now she don’t want me to smack her”.

Both of the female rappers have made underground mix tapes on the other: Lil’ Kim spiting hot verses over the I get money beat sayin’ ”These chicks too busy being to CONCEITED puttin’ on my lipstick you had one hot song well sorry I missed it”. And Remy Ma making a diss video to single when I see her basically saying that when she and Kim meet its going to get real physical.

Honestly I’ve been a fan of rap since birth it so upsets me to see to two of the illest rapers male or female to follow in the steps of Biggie and Tupac. Both of the rapptresses can paint a picture in your head when they flow… they are extremely talented… but they should use there gifts for good instead of taking shots of each other or threating each other. Females rarely get the opportunity to express themselves in the same light as men i hope they take advantage of the platform they have and squash the beef so they can keep hip hop alive and stay clear of the mistakes that other rappers have made and not do the same thing twice but then again who’s to say that a female beef isn’t just a publicity stunt.


2 Responses

  1. “Lil Kim and Remy Ma are the new Biggie and Tupac”


  2. Lil Kim is da shyt, I been watch’n her career grow since day one. Remy Ma just came on da seen. send’n wolf tickets. Lil Kim tell dat bitch 2 sit down. A Remy this is 2 u; u throw’n them fits not throw’n no licks kim better then greatea u still a damn fool u talk’n bout beef then Remy u lose.

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