The Ohio Debate Part 4


Senator Clinton was tripped up on a recent question about the successor to Vladamir Putin in Russia, unable to come up with the name of his successor, Dmitry Medvedev. I think it looked bad that she couldn’t come up with his name (I was shouting “MEDVEDEV! MEDVEDEV!” at the TV…) and when she did, said “whatever” about it. I could be nit-picking here, but if we’ve got the possibility of a new conflict with Russia, we should know the name of the person who will be the President of Russia (those elections Tuesday don’t matter – we all know that). If some 16-year-old blogger sitting on his couch, liveblogging, knows who Medvedev is, I think she should, too.


One of the last questions asked to the candidates was if they would take back any of their votes or statements from the record. Clinton went with taking back her vote for the Iraq war, Obama with a decision regarding the Terry Schiavo case.

The debate, once again, ended on a unified note, a major change from the spirited discussion on health care that started it. Obama and Clinton retracted their respective claws after that first half-hour, and have tried to land only glancing blows on one another. Moderator Brian Williams asked if there were a question that the opponent wants the other to answer, more-or-less baiting the candidates into another scuffle. Obama didn’t really respond to the question itself, opting not to give a question to Clinton, although Clinton said that she doubts Obama’s ability to get things done as a President.

So that’s it for the 20th Democratic Debate, and the last one before the Texas and Ohio primaries this Tuesday, March 4th. Stay with Youth Radio and Face the Race for election 2008 coverage from now until November.

–Nico Savidge


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