The Ohio Debate Part 2


Senator Clinton complained about her receiving the first question on issues, and suggested that the moderators were being biased in favor of Senator Obama. Clinton referenced the recent Saturday Night Live skit joking about moderators fawning over Barack Obama. The response received boos from the crowd, which is significant because debates on the NBC networks tend to have virtually silent audiences.

In response to the question, Clinton again went after Obama, saying that his criticisms have been erroneous. This one should be interesting…


One quick (and rather shallow) note – during the Texas debate last week, Senator Clinton basically half-smiled through the entire debate, perhaps trying to seem more easy-going and relatable. However tonight, the Senator has been stern-faced and her smile is basically gone. It seems the Clinton facial expression mirrors her tone during the debate – last week, civil and agreeing, this week we see a less friendly Senator Clinton. Just a thought…


Senator Obama just said that experience in foreign policy doesn’t necessarily mean experience in Washington. Personally, I’m not really buying this. Being in Washington allows a politician to learn more about how to get things done. A legitimate concern raised by an editorial in the New York Times asked how a young president with just one term under his belt in the Senate would unify a harshly divided Congress. Senator Obama often says that he doesn’t necessarily need to stay in Washington to know how to get his laws through, but I think he does. I’d say Senator Obama should follow the example of John F. Kennedy when it comes to choosing a more experienced running mate. Kennedy chose Lyndon Johnson, someone with a lot of experience getting legislation through in Congress, and someone with that type of know-how. Obama will certainly want a VP that knows the ins and outs of getting it done in Congress, because I just don’t think he has that knowledge yet.

–Nico Savidge


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