The Ohio Debate Part 1

With just a couple of minutes to go before the 20th Democratic Debate at Cleveland State University, it’s time for the second Youth Radio “Face the Race” liveblogging coverage. This will be the last debate before the Texas and Ohio primaries, which can be either a nail in the Clinton coffin or the start of (another) comeback. But for now, Brian Williams is speaking, so the nation will watch with giddy excitement…


They’ve come out swinging in this debate. Clinton and Obama are arguing, just like they did last week, about their plans for health care – and, already, the civil tone that started off the CNN-Univision debate has gone. Clinton has said that Obama’ strategies for health care are borderline Republican, and Obama has said that Clinton’s attacks are misleading and untrue.

The last time sparks flew like this was at the South Carolina debate, and we all know how that ended for Senator Clinton – an embarrassing and major defeat at Obama’s hands. She may want to go back to that civility if she wants to win in Ohio and Texas, because she has had bad luck going after Senator Obama.

Also, much to the chagrin of moderators Brian Williams and Tim Russert, the two don’t want to leave the health care issue – even after the “last response” to the question, the candidates spoke on it twice more as Williams tried to move the debate along. And this week’s famous Obama photo in traditional clothing has proven to be a non-issue here, with Clinton denying responsibility for the photo Obama saying he believes her.

–Nico Savidge


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  1. Here’s the debate boiled down to a little more than 2 minutes:

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