More Resources for Political Junkies

Blog Editor Noah Nelson may be off until Thursday, but that won’t stop The Flow!

Here’s a few more websites and blogs we’ve been using to track and deconstruct the election. Use them in good mental health!

Future Majority– a blog focusing on issues important to young progressive voters. Head blogger Michael Connery brings the data in a big way, with aggressive tracking of youth vote trends and how they’ve changed since the last presidential election.

Circle– The Center For Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement. A think tank that “promotes research on the civic and political engagement of Americans between the ages of 15 and 25.” Now The Flow won’t lie, paging through a Circle press release can make those uninitiated into the art of parsing tracking data… hey wait.. where you going? Don’t get skittish at the presence of PSAT words, come on! Check it: you want the raw facts? The data? The 411? That’s what Circle has. Lots and lots of it. If you can’t find something in here to back up the youth voting related argument you just made on a message board or in class yesterday it probably doesn’t exist. [In that case, just keep repeating the information until everyone thinks its true. That works 51% of the time. Just ask Karl Rove.]

think MTV: Politics. The Flow has found more than one interesting post at MTV’s site that mixes activism with citizen journalism. We’d be jealous, but then again we ehintr have Viacom’s zillions with which to build websites, nor the desire to answer to Sumner Redstone. [Mr. Redstone, if you are reading this the preceding was a patent lie. For a mere 100,000 Euros a year we will gladly deliver your morning paper each day while wearing a St. Bernard outfit. Note we said EUROS. We’re not stupid!]


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  1. I am so proud of Nico!

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