Free Culture

[Another one to keep you thinkin’ by vacationing editor Noah Nelson.]

We believe that culture should be a two-way affair, about participation, not merely consumption. We will not be content to sit passively at the end of a one-way media tube. With the Internet and other advances, the technology exists for a new paradigm of creation, one where anyone can be an artist, and anyone can succeed, based not on their industry connections, but on their merit.


Free is the home of Students for Free Culture, a “student organization that promotes the public interest in intellectual property and information & communications technology policy.”

What’s that mean to Youth Radio listeners, students, and readers?

Well the idea of Free Culture cuts to the heart of what a lot of our student-producers do here at Youth Radio. Check out a “Meet The Mess” or listen to a remix on one of the podcasts and you’ll be experiencing free culture in its raw, renegade form. Right now the biggest “culture war” being waged isn’t between liberals and conservatives, but between makers and moguls… those who create culture and those who own the rights to it.

Only who should have the rights? Who should get paid?

That’s one of the issues that was at stake during the recent writer’s strike in Hollywood and is on the line in the Viacom/YouTube lawsuit.

Check out the Free Culture website to learn more about this issue.


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