Youth Angle: A Question

[Analysis of sorts by editor Noah Nelson]

While I’m off in an undisclosed location I have some homework for y’all. Here’s a question I’d like to see the resident Youth Radio bloggers and our reader/listeners to tackle:

Assume for a second that Obama is successful in his attempt to secure the Democratic nomination. Indulge the idea that he wins the Presidency. What happens to the youth he’s energized as part of his campaign? Is it Mission Accomplished and back to business as usual? Or do the so-called Millennials and the last stragglers of GenX who’ve been caught up in “Obamania” become the backbone of a new political movement? If so, what is their cause?

Alternate take: What happens to Obama’s activists if Hillary pulls off the comeback of the decade?

Some of you ARE the very people I’m asking about, and everybody wants to know the answer to this question… even if its on the back-burner.

Post your own responses here, in your own blogs, and in the comment thread below. I’ll be back to check your work. Heh.


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