Guns and Utah universities

“Excuse me, I have to reach in my coat pocket for my correcting pen,” the professor says as he reaches near his chest.

“Oh no! He’s got a gun! Blast him!” several students cry. The college senior whips out his nicely polished Glock and fires several shots into the professor. It turns out he really reaching for his pen.

This short fictional scene popped into my head as I read this CNN Story on how guns are now legally allowed at all public universities in the state of Utah. The new legislation means that professors and students can carry guns, whereas previously guns were banned.

Students and professors with permits to carry concealed weapons are more than welcome to hide their firearm of choice and apply their bullets to bodies as needed.

This new legislation is obviously scared reaction from the numerous recent shootings across the country.

Utah’s logic is pretty cryptic, if guns are allowed on campus, then that will reduce the number of shootings.

-David Leipper


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