YM Blog-a-Thon: Too Young To Vote

Youth Outlook and Wiretap have started the first ever Youth Media Blog-A-Thon. This month’s topic is the 2008 presidential election. Youth Radio’s Caitlin Grey responds to a question put forth by the Blog-a-Thon organizers: “Do you feel disenfranchised?”



Although I can’t vote in the upcoming elections because I am only 16, I do feel like my opinion on it makes a difference. My political leanings aren’t very intense. I don’t keep up with the election avidly and I don’t have a favorite candidate, but I do have values and ethics that I can base my opinions on when a candidate says something. I feel like this candidate, whoever wins, will make a difference. Because President Bush has made such an impact on America, and because this upcoming president will be Bush’s successor, this candidate has an opportunity to turn the country around. At least where I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, most people I know are upset with the way the country is run, so naturally I’ve seen that the two main Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both used “change” as the cornerstone of their campaign. As a youth, this is a powerful concept because I haven’t really seen America without Bush as the president, because I was only 8 when he came into office.

Before that, I wasn’t really old enough to pay attention to politics, or know what it all means. So now, as change is around the corner and the election time comes, it’s exciting to me to see the campaigns unfold. I feel like in this election the youth vote is more important than ever, as more youth are voting, and with organizations like Youtube, Myspace, VH1, and Rock the Vote all hyping up the election and making voting “cool” and more popular, I feel included in the process. And although I can’t vote, I feel like the candidates care about what my generation has to say. We are the generation that has to deal with crises like the Middle East conflicts, and face disasters that come with global warming, and I believe that the candidates recognize that we care. If they’re willing to talk to us via Youtube and make their own Myspaces, I feel included enough.

-Caitlin Grey


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