YM Blog-a-Thon: The Voting Gap Debate

This is what it was all about, people.

Youth Outlook and Wiretap are kicked off the first ever Youth Media Blog-A-Thon. The topic for this month: the 2008 presidential election.

The goal was to get some cross-talk going between the various Youth Media blog sites, and it worked, with YO!’s Eming Piansay managing to light the spark with this post.

Which led to a post on The Cheddar BoxMaking Voting Easier and Mandatory” that got the  inferno going.  The proposal is pretty simple:

Allow for same day vote registration.

Abolish all restrictions on former prisonsers voting.

Make voting mandatory.

Follow the responses on Oh Dang! and Boston Progress Radio. See Eming’s reaction back at Youth Outlook, and then head back for the last word over at The Cheddar Box.


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