YM Blog-A-Thon: First Time Voter, First Generation Immigrant

Youth Outlook and Wiretap are kicking off the first ever Youth Media Blog-A-Thon. This month’s topic is the 2008 presidential election. Youth Radio reporter Denise Tejada is not only a first time voter, but is herself an immigrant. She sees the presidential race as being historic, but not for the same reasons many other do:

As a first time voter I want to make sure that my vote is headed in the right direction. One thing I’m sure of is that my vote will not be based on race or gender. This is not your common presidential election but it’s an election that can change the course of History books. Unfortunately this has become the center of attention that will determine the role of this election.

One of the things I appreciate about this race is the number of people that have decided to make voting a priority but this priority is not based on what candidates have to offer, it’s based on the need and the desire to change History for ever. Don’t get me wrong because I myself would love to see History be made but I just rather worry about improving our financial status and education in the United States first. I feel that people along with the media have gotten too caught up in this web of race Vs gender that they forget that this country is in need of help.

I’ve noticed that both Hillary and Obama are always reminding the people in their speech about “The first Women” or “The first black president” because they know that this has more power over immigration or any other political debate. As an immigrant I’m a true believer that this country is “The Land of opportunities” that’s why it hurts me seeing how this country is slowly falling apart and that is why I rather put History on hold and hope that the next candidate I choose can reverse what Bush has gotten this country in. Race and gender should not be the reason to attract people to vote but the desire of progress should.

-Denise Tejada


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