the fight we came for…

John King called the candidates out on their friendly attitudes in this debate, basically asking where the fight went. When she was confronted on this, with lines from her recent campaigning (that the election was between “speeches and solutions”), Clinton referenced Senator Obama’s experience level to hisses from Obama supporters and later cheers from her people. Obama responded to the questions on his experience by going after Clinton’s idea that he is too optimistic, saying that his ideals are more attainable than Clinton’s speeches would have people believe. This went over well with the crowd. However because he’s a frontrunner and, as analysts were saying, he just “didn’t have to mess up,” Senator Obama didn’t go after Clinton’s criticisms much.

The next question posed to Obama was about possible plagarism in his speeches from Duval Patrick. Obama went after Clinton, implying that while she has gone after his speeches (calling it “silly”) he has been taking action on his policy positions. Clinton’s rebuttal did not go down well with crowd nor Senator Obama, saying that his wasn’t “Change you can believe in” (a campaign slogan), but “Change you can Xerox.” Now it looks like Clinton is going after her opponent once again, but based on the crowd reaction, she may want to ease off to avoid what happened in South Carolina…


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