Cuba: tread lightly

Clinton has faced the first question, about her willingness to talk to someone like Raul Castro, now that his brother  Fidel has stepped down. For me, this harks back to the earlier CNN-YouTube debate, when Obama said he’d be willing to talk to leaders of countries like Iran and Syria without conditions. Clinton has said she wouldn’t visit Castro, unless she knew it would have an impact on Cuban government. When given the question, Obama said that he would speak with Raul Castro without pre-conditions. He has said that he wants an agenda for the meeting (easing off those earlier statements). His line that the US should talk to its enemies and also its friends went over well in the audience, and I’m not suprised that he used the John Kennedy quote that we should never negotiate out of fear, but never fear to negotiate. It’s been a popular Obama talking point, and one that usually goes over well in an Obama crowd.

I’ve noticed that both candidates are playing very nice thus far, talking about the good ideas that each of them have. I’m not suprised that Obama is, but Clinton probably can’t afford to be docile if she wants to slow down Senator Obama’s momentum…


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