ABC News: Youngest DNC Superdelegate Backing Obama

From ABC News’ Political Radar:

 ABC News’ Karen Travers Reports:  Marquette University junior Jason Rae had a personal breakfast with Chelsea Clinton and was wooed on the phone by Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright.

But after seeing the enthusiasm for Barack Obama in Wisconsin on Tuesday, Rae tells ABC News he is supporting the Illinois senator in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

This ties in with the post from Tuesday The Flow found at Think MTV. The question of how the young Superdelegates are breaking is now at least 5% answered. With only 19 Superdelgates under the age of 35, the ratio of voters to Superdelegates is drastically off. Yet their endorsement now has a kind of power not seen before in a modern day Presidential election.

Tonight is the big showdown in Austin. Will the debate there settle the race?

Of course not, but watch for the spin tomorrow as the campaigns try to push their interpretations of the night’s events on the media. Also watch to see if the McCain “scandal” has any legs. [Original New York Times article]


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