The Youth Angle- Fri. Feb 15

[Analysis by blog editor Noah Nelson] 

In the wake of the U. of Illinois shooting here are three things to keep your eyes open for as the story develops on the youth angle:

  1. With no motive yet ascribed watch for the culture warriors to turn out of the woodwork and blame video games. Anti-gaming crusader Jack Thompson has already had his time in Fox News’ spotlight, who else is next?
  2. Will anyone speak to the issue of campus security? In the wake of the Columbine shootings in 1999, metal detectors became even more commonplace in high schools of the United States. Will the debate over how to prevent these tradgedies bring this up as an option for
  3. Keep an eye on which of the Presidential candidates, if any, link this incident to issues of school safety, the “safety of our kids”, or the electronic surveillance of school campuses and students.

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