What a day!- A memoir of Super Tuesday

[Commentary by Carmen Wong]

February 5, 2008

The day where California was going to crown the leader of the Democrats and the Republicans; even though I know for a fact that McCain is going to win, no doubt about it. It was 4 in the morning, I felt tired and drowsy, however I had to go to my precinct as soon as I could. The moment I walked out of my house, my body reacted to the chilly wind, freezing my neck off, even though I had a scarf on. The sky was dark as if sun ceased to exist, hardly any cars being driven on the streets as I walked to my muni stop. I arrived at my precinct late; yet I came in just on time to help set up the machines, and other necessary equipment that we used for the entire day. In the beginning, it was hard to coordinate because we had a new clerk, I think in his 60s, who thought that he was all that. A master of everything that a roster clerk does—that’s the person who checks whether or not the voter is qualify to vote at this precinct. We were supposed to have another person to help around, however she never showed up.

The whole day ran turtle-slow. My friend and I couldn’t wait till we had our breaks, so we could get away from the old man; who kept making us cranky with his cocky attitude. My friend and I would feel like sleeping, doodle on papers, play tic-tac-toe, hoping that time would go just a little bit faster. Man, next time, I should bring playing cards! In the early evening, I asked my friend to grab hold of another set of brown ballots (Democratic), he told me that it was the last batch. By the end of the night, there were only about 10 brown ballots left! While the purple (Republican), still had a long way to go – only 11 people used it. At 8, it was closing time, in other words, we had to count everything, count the absentee, the provisional ballots, how many ballots were used – everything. It was crazy! There were some things that we had to get over with quickly, because the police were going to every precinct to collect important data, such as the receipt of how many people voted, who got the most votes, and so on.

I was dead tired by the time my mom picked me up. I know that I will be doing this job again in June, when we have the Direct Primary election. Despite the fact that the day was tiring, I thought it was worth giving up my time to serve my community. Also, I cannot wait to see the results of who will represent the Democratic and overpower McCain because U.S. needs some serious change and I believe that the Democrat President should take in charge. I believe that Obama has a good chance of catching up to Clinton, and he is.


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