Youth Vote Wrap-Up

[News with Analysis by Noah J. Nelson, Blog Editor] 

Tomorrow will be the one week anniversary of Super Tuesday 08. The advantage of a week’s worth of hindsight is that we can begin to see the impact the youth vote is having on the campaign.

MTV News has been running the numbers:

According to the results of CNN’s exit polls and tabulations from the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement, young voters turned out in record numbers in more than 20 states. In practically every state holding a primary or caucus Tuesday, youth turnout increased astronomically, doubling, tripling and even quadrupling the turnout in the 2000 and 2004 electoral seasons.

The big story with the youth vote is the race for the Democratic nomination. There’s a palpable electricity in this campaign. How much of this is about the personalities of the candidates and how much is the political awakening of a generation that has been facing severe losses in the Iraq war and a rising tide of economic woes we do not yet know. What we do know is who is benefiting, one again MTV News:

Nationwide, Obama netted 59 percent of voters under 30 years old, while New York Senator Hillary Clinton was supported by 38 percent. Young men supported Obama by a margin of 64 to 33 percent over Clinton, and young women supported Obama by 53 to 45 percent.

As most know by know Sen. Obama swept the weekend’s contests on the Democratic side of the race, cutting into Sen. Clinton’s delegate lead and setting up yet another dramatic showdown.

In the Republican race Sen. John McCain saw the luster of a cornation come to a grinding halt as former Arkansas Govenor Mike Huckabee scored victories over John McCain in Louisiana and Kansas. However Huckabee is so far behind in the delegate count that this is effectively more of a protest vote than anything.

All eyes stay tightly focused on the next battle, tomorrow’s “Potomac Primary” when Maryland, Virgina, and the District of Columbia hold their primaries.


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