Grammys r Hott

[Commentary by Youth Radio’s Tone Kapone aka Tony Waters]


Surprise surprise the notorious drama queen and the drugged out drunk won the majority of the Grammys and I’m not talking about Whitney and Bobby. I’m talking about Kanye West and Amy Whinehouse.

Amy won Best Pop Vocal Album, Best New Artist, Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Performance; now I feel her voice, love her style… put Rehab on repeat and her c.d did slap but that last Grammy about her performance had to be rigged. Every time I seen her on stage I prayed that the booze would wear off just long enough so she could catch her balance and remember the words to her songs. Love Amy to death but she should keep it back to black and stay off that crack.

Kanye West on the on the other hand does give a good performance but needs to go to rehab for his primadonna behavior. He won four of his eight nominations and gave weird speeches for them all… although he didn’t say it out loud I’m sure he was extremely upset that he wasn’t nominated for every single category and didn’t take home every award the Grammys had to offer that night. Sometimes I like his music but I wonder does he get awards because of his talent or because award committees are afraid of his hissy fits?

The performance to live for was of course Ms Tina Turner and Beyonce; they preformed Proud Mary until the river came rolling on down my face.


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