University of Barack Obama- Deconstructed

Yesterday we posted a report by Youth Radio L.A.’s Jordan Monroe where he describes the scene on the University of California, Los Angeles campus:

On February 5, the University of California Los Angeles became the University of Barack Obama. I went to the campus and stood on a corner like a political panhandler asking by-passers for contributions of opinions and reflections.

We’d like to peel back the curtain on that piece a little today, by offering you a taste of the raw tape that Jordan collected to fuel that report. Now mind you, what you are about to hear is unpolished, unedited footage taken on Super Tuesday. Its a different way of listening to what we call “vox“- also known as “man on the street”, although its a lot faster to say “vox”, which is the Latin for voice.

Here are three of the raw cuts from Jordan’s foray into the wilds of UCLA on election day. [mp3 format]

Saramon Cof

Kai Hazel

Gabriel Schneicabal


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