That Writer’s Strike? Its still goin’ on…

Throughout the Hollywood writer’s strike one reporter has been on top of the story more than any other, Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood Daily. She’s been the compass by which the rest of the media has navigated the treacherous L.A. waters.

Today she reports that with the WGA member’s meeting looming, the deal between writers and the studio moguls doesn’t have the concrete language needed for the Guild members to make a decision:

I’m told by an insider that “it has to be completed first and it is not as of now”. Time is growing short before Saturday’s meeting…

But you know that’s not why I brought this up.

Across the country in Coconut Creek, Florida Monarch High student Zach Scalzo has been thinking long and hard about the strike and wanted to get one last word in before the boob tube gets back to its mesmeric ways. He’s found that the strike has allowed him to get back to the basics, entertainment wise.


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