Teen Dating Violence Press Conference

-filed by Caitlin Grey

Today I attended a press conference held by the Alameda Country Teen Dating Violence Task Force. The room the conference was held in was filled with young people, mostly female. A young female, Ashante Robinson,only 15 years of age came up and bravely spoke on her experience in an abusive relationship. She said the relationship lasted about five months, and that at first it was “cool”, but it soon turned verbally abusive and on one occasion physically abusive. Her most memorable quote was that even people that seem nice and loving at first can turn abusive as the relationship goes on. A few young people from the program RAP came up and read some surprising statistics about teen dating violence, including that 43% of teens reported being physically intimidated, hurt, or emotionally abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend, yet only 24% of that 43% would admit that they were victims of abuse. Tatiana Colon, an education and outreach supervisor, later pointed out how ridiculous this fact was, because of all the people who could recognize the signs of abuse, only a minority would admit they were victims. Ashante Robinson even inspired another speaker, Nadia Lockyer, to admit that when she was young she had a stalker, and claimed that Ashante had given her the courage to say this, and that it was the first time she had publicly admitted it. It was powerful to see people right in front of me talking about their own experiences with teen dating violence, especially since Ashante, the one with the most intense story, was the same age as me. Although I have never been in an abusive relationship, and as far as I know none of my friends have, attending this conference brought me to realize that teen dating violence is much more common and epidemic than I thought, from the inspiring stories of people who overcame to the surprising statistics.


The next upcoming event in this teen dating violence awareness week will be a Anti-Violence Youth Poetry Slam and Art Show on Friday, February 8th at the Rooz Café on 1918 Park Blvd. in Oakland from 5-7pm. This event is open to the public.




2 Responses

  1. Please don’t believe Nadia Lockyer. Let me give you a little bit of her background. She is a politician/lawyer whose father was a politiican/lawyer, married to a politician/laywer. She is Executive Director of the Alameda County Family Justice Center. That agency recently put out a bunch of flat out lies on their web page about how many people they had helped, (they said 20,000 when it was a couple of thousand only) and how much they had reduced domestic violence. (they said they had reduced DV deaths per year from 26 to 6 in the county, but the number of 26 came from years before the ACFJC was started, and DV has been going down around the country at about the same rate as Alameda County) So, Lockyer either approved the lies, or did not know the real numbers, or let other people lie, even though it ‘s her job to take care of this stuff. I would tend to suspect the story of a stalker in her past is greatly exxagerated. She is pretty, so she probably had guys giving her lots of attention, something like that. Since we know the agency she is head of lies, why trust her? If anyone wants the true numbers from the Federal Govt, which funds ACFJC, to compare to the lies that Lockyer or her people put out, please email me. boatbrain@aol.com thanks, Steve White

  2. And I note, Lockyer told this story at a press conference, “for the first time” . These people are politicians. She has the job at ACFJC because she is married to Bill Lockyer, who is a political ally of Tom Orloff, Alameda County DA, and was Attorney General when his wife got the job. There is probably a conflict of interest in her hiring. They made a big show of having two selection committees pick her for the job, but both committees were stacked with DA staff subordinate to Orloff. The hiring itself seems to be a violation of both state laws requiring a public offiicial, (Bill Lockyer) not to use his position to help a family member, (Nadia) and the Federal grant rules requiring that all money be spent without benefiting the family of someone in a position to decide how the money is spent. By the way, I have nothing against Nadia Lockyer per se, she’s just one of many political climber types, I have a gripe with the DA who hired her, Tom Orloff. But this kind of nepotism is the main key to his power, that is why I object to it. Under Section 35 of the Alameda County Charter, the DA is given power to give out ALL THE JOBS IN HIS OFFICE to whoever he wants, without regard to the County Merit System civil service rules. Over 500 high paid/excellent benfit jobs this man gives out, Nadia Lockyer was just one of many nepotism hires, more crooked because they had to dance around the rules more, since a high state official and Federal grant money was involved.

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