Spare Change

by Jordan Monroe of Youth Radio L.A.


UCLA voters aren’t asking for much, just a little change. On February 5, the University of California Los Angeles became the University of Barack Obama. I went to the campus and stood on a corner like a political panhandler asking by-passers for contributions of opinions and reflections. I got donations such as “I voted for Hilary because she’ll probably kill less people in the Middle East” and “I’m tired of Clintons and Bushes in the White House” These comments seemed to summarize the sentiment of UCLA’s youth voters, which was the yearning for change.

Hope and change have become defining terms of the Obama campaign, and his adamancy to include Americas youth in his future plans has gained him the support of our countries newest voters such as 19 years old Gabriel Schneibal who sees Barack as the only candidate who can bring some vibrancy into the dull world of politics. “He’s someone I can really admire, be proud of and bring some energy to my generation. I feel like all the other candidates are saying the same thing and have been in politics for a while and are trying to win at any cost. He’s someone who can bring something different and hopefully get something done by working with both parties,” says Gabriel.


Another Obama supporter, Kai Hazel was unable to vote because of a problem with her registration, but was optimistic about the heightened sense of awareness around campus. “This is the first time I’ve ever walked into a dining hall and heard college students sitting around the table talking about the election. I think that it’s a really hopeful sign that young people are starting to care about the political process,” said Kai walking briskly to a dance rehearsal.


I left the UC campus an hour before the polls closed. As I departed I could hear the cries of Obama campaigners reminding fellow students where they could vote and how much time they had left. A permanent presence of anticipation permeated the night air, the anticipation of change. A change that was sure to come though dressed in indefinite attire and arriving at an unknown hour.


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