Reestablishing The Flow

Today Youth Radio gets back in the blog game by taking “” in a whole new direction.

The static snapshots of the “beat reporter” blogs are out, and a full embracing of the power of blogs is in. Where each of the different fields we cover formerly had its own blog, now those beats will be represented as categories which you can see over in the left hand nav box. You can still find the archives of the former “Flows” blogs over in our Blogroll on the right.

Where’s the S?

The URL hasn’t changed (yet!), but the name has. To reflect the shift in focus of this blog from being a map to a group of blogs to a unified voice we’re dropping the “s” in Flows.

From here on in this is The Flow.


While we’re at it, we should define just what it is we’re doing with a blog again anyway. Sometimes Youth Radio’s mission can get a little muddled with all the different projects we undertake. The Flow is here to cut through all that by showcasing all that we do and helping our listeners and readers know which audience each piece is tailored for.

To that end each entry on The Flow will have a “By/For/About” category tag. For example, a given entry might be produced by a youth reporter for distribution on National Public Radio. That means the entry will be tagged “By Youth”. Another post might be a How To story about managing your social network commitments, written by the staff editor of The Flow. That post will get tagged as “For Youth.”

Yet another post could be a synopsis and link to an Associated Press story about the impact of youth voter turnout. That one earns the “About Youth” tag.

Can a post have more than one “By/For/About” tag?

Well, a youth produced story about how college entrepreneurs are redefining the way the venture capital market works and how you can get in on the action would deserve all three. By, For, and About Youth.

Now someone go write that story… I need some scrill.


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