How To: Get Campaign Info

This ain’t the 90’s, so every candidate has a website, blog, podcast and three different ways to process your campaign contributions.

But going right to the campaigns for the real dirt is like asking the fox to guard the hen house. Here’s three websites The Flow is using to help make sense of the race for the White House:

OPEN SECRETS– There’s a old adage in reporting: “follow the money.” That’s exactly what the people at Open Secrets do. With detailed reports on who gives and who gets the green, Open Secrets lets you know who exactly is buying our elected officials.

THE HUFFINGTON POST– The Flow has been impressed with Arianna Huffington’s take on the American political process since she ran the “Shadow Conventions” during the 2000 elections. While the HuffPo wears its bias on its sleeve, it is primarily an opinion site after all, the broadsheet format and frequent updates throughout the day make for a good guide to the latest political news.

BBC– Don’t trust the American mainstream media? Neither does The Flow, unless its for our Britney Spears meltdown fix. Sometimes it takes an outsider to give a really objective outlook, and the BBC has the advantage of the Atlantic Ocean for perspective.

As The Flow test drives more websites and feeds we’ll be bringing you the cream of the crop.


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